What the professionals want to know:

I graduated from Ohio University in December 2013 with a degree in journalism and communications. During my time at OU, I held community and leadership positions with Thread magazine, Compass, Campus Crusade for Christ, ED2010, Students for Education Reform, ImPRessions, and All-Campus Radio Network.

After college, I further explored my interests in copywriting and advertising by obtaining apprenticeships with Match.com and Zeno Group: an Edelman PR agency. After completing my apprenticeships, I worked with several Fortune 500 companies as a freelance writer and/or digital marketing consultant and opened an Etsy shop! I also volunteered as a Victim Advocate for sexual assault survivors with The Turning Point.

In 2016, I changed career paths — I exited the advertising industry to pursue a career in people operations + human resources. Currently, I am the National Culture + Engagement Program Manager for Opendoor. (Don't worry, I'm still creative on the weekends with passion projects.) 

My professional objectives include disrupting and pioneering the way companies and corporate America view culture, diversity, and people operations. And being as confident as Kanye West.


What the cyber-stalkers want to know:

  • I currently reside in Dallas, Texas. My cholesterol suffers from it; my political views do not.

  • "I love bread!" - Oprah Winfrey, my favorite quote to date.

  • Of late, my favorite things include interior design, true crime podcasts, and exploring new cities.

  • I'm 28, married to my love + partner, Jordan, and new-agey plant + dog lady.